John MacAdam

More or Less: What Minimalism Means to Me

Sep 29, 2018

People often ask me what it means to be a minimalist. The lazy answer is to say that I own fewer possessions. Which is true. However, to me, it is much more. I find many advantages to living with less. In most cases, embracing restraint brings more of something else to my life. Take possessions for example. Owning fewer possessions has added more space, physically and mentally. This article offers up other ways I have gained more by living with less.

Quick note: For consistency, I am using the word less instead of "fewer" in some cases.

Less purchasing of brand new items. More perspective on value.

Less personal labels. More room for growth.

Less relationships. More quality connection.

Less scheduled activities. More presence.

Less entertainment. More productivity.

Less notifications. More engagement.

Less internet accounts. More focus.

Less dining out. More self control.

Less attachments. More flexibility.

Less gadgets. More appreciation.

Less consuming. More creating.

Less complaining. More action.

Less projects. More shipping.

Less bookmarks. More focus.

Less tracking. More results.

Less reading. More writing.

Less tools. More creativity.

Less debt. More freedom.